Children Translating for Parents…Why It’s Illegal

Children Translating for Parents…Why it’s Illegal

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A few months ago, Comedian Cristela Alonzo started a tweet sharing her experiences as her family’s interpreter. Many comments from both Latino and other minority groups sharing similar experiences followed. Mostly they discussed their fears of getting it wrong or the anguish of being present for a mother’s cancer diagnoses. The experiences posted on these tweets took on a survivor group feeling, and rightly so.

These children -now adults – were indeed victimized by the healthcare system that did not uphold their Civil Rights. According to Civil Rights Laws Title VI, all hospitals are required to provide trained interpreters to their Limited English Proficient patients free of charge. Furthermore, family members in particular children should never be used, as it posses not only a Civil Rights violation but a HIPAA confidentiality violation as well.

The sad truth is that most hospitals are getting away with these infractions because they know that this community will not readily sue them. Over 50% of hospitals are still utilizing family and in particular children to conduct translations and interpretations in clear disregard of the laws.

Most hospitals site a shortage of trained medical interpreters as their reason for not complying with the law, yet many training companies such as exist and have trained hundreds of bilingual people to become medical interpreters. Many of these graduates have gone on to also become certified medical interpreters. The time for excuses is over, hospitals need to fully comply with the laws or they will see an influx in lawsuits for their failures to fully hire and employ trained medical interpreters/translators.

The Proof is in the Pudding – LTI Proficiency Test

           The Proof is in the Pudding – LTI Proficiency Test
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            I am often asked if MiTio teaches people how to speak another language? My reply is that MiTio teaches people who are already bilingual how to become Medical Interpreters. The next question is usually…then how do you know if they are bilingual? My reply is that we require that they prove their proficiency, similar to the requirements of both the NBCMI and CCHI certification exams, MiTio requires:
             Proof of other Language Proficiency: Transcripts from Foreign nation where other language is spoken; or Transcripts in other language from any US university; or 15+ semester hours of other language from US or Foreign university; or  ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages): 3.5 +  or LTI test score of Advanced or better.
             MiTio has partnered with Language Testing International – LTI to deliver this test remotely via phone. The test is a 20 minutes fluency test that does not test for medical terminology knowledge.
Once payment for the $95 test is received your login information for the test is emailed and you have two weeks to complete the test. Once the test is completed, it usually takes a week to grade your exam. Retest are allowed.
             If you have not taken your LTI Proof of Proficiency test, you may begin the process now my clicking on the link below!
Want to take the LTI Test for Free?
Send us 10 bilingual referrals to 
your test is free with at least one enrollment

$100 K Grant to Healthcare Organizations

Attract Hispanic Patients with our Grant

The MITio Foundation in partnership with MiTio Inc. is offering a $100,000 Grant to Hospitals and Interpreting Services organizations. The grant is for 50 Bilingual employees to each obtain a $2000 scholarships to  Medical Interpreter Diploma Program. The training prepares students for the National Certification Exam. With trained interpreters you will attract more Hispanic patients and meet Joint Commission Standards and Civil Rights Laws Compliance.

How to Redeem Grant
Redeem your grant by:
1. Sending an Email today at accepting grant
2. Adding MiTio Logo to your website with a link to website
3. Sending us the names and email addresses of your 50 Bilingual employees to

Does the Fear of a Civil Rights violation keep you up at Night?

It Shouldn’t…

bloodpressureAccording to a study by Health Affairs in 2013, 59% of hospitals in the country do not offer language services based on the Office of Civil Right (OCR) guidelines leaving themselves open for a major Civil Rights lawsuit. OCR guidelines requires that all hospitals and nursing homes post nondiscrimination notices in the top 12 languages of the state in which they reside. In addition, Healthcare facilities that reside in a high concentration of Limited English Proficient (LEP) persons must provide translation of main documents and interpretation (spoken) services free of charge to the patient and their families.

MiTio will get you Legal

The Medical Interpreting and Translating Institute Online (MiTio) has over a decade assisting healthcare facilities such as yours with their language services needs. In addition to providing a full range of document translation training to all of your bilingual personnel, MiTio will also connect you with independent contractors who are trained and certified to provide your interpretation needs.


MiTio Gives $70K Grant to PRC!

MiTio Gives $70K Grant to PRC!



MiTio has given the Pregnancy Resource Center of McDonough and two other organizations a $70,000 Grant that provides scholarships to 100 of their clients. These scholarships are for a 40 hour Medical Interpreting Certificate course, that will allow young women who are bilingual and face a difficult decision ahead, hope and a way out and a way forward for themselves and their child.

The Pregnancy Resource Center is one of many around the nation that offers free ultra sound and STD screening as a ministry to women facing difficult decisions regarding the birth of an unplanned baby.

MiTio hopes that this Grant and these scholarships will make make the decision easier to make.


MiTio Launches ICO

MiTio Launches ICO – Initial Coin Offering


Blockchain Technology is the wave of the future

MiTio ICO: Ticker/token name: Mitio token
symbol: MITIO
dec: 18
start date: 2017-12-04 0:0:0 utc
end : start date + 90 days
description: new ERC20 standard tokens on Ethereum.
total supply: 5,000,000
Description: Blockchain enabled EdTech company decentralizing online
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Website Link:
Whitepaper Link:

Give a Scholarship to a Dreamer

Give a Scholarship to a Dreamer


A few years ago my cousin Damaris was deported back to Panama. She was not a violent person, never had been convicted of a crime and was a God fearing woman. But none of that mattered, she was here on an expired travel visa and that labelled her as “Illegal.” If her deportation wasn’t traumatic enough, she was killed within days of returning to Panama and we have grieved her loss ever since.


Many have forgotten about the plight of Dreamers in the hustle and bustle of all that has ensued since the current president has given them a deadline when their legal status will be revoked. This Holiday Season may be the last most dreamers spend in the country they call home. For many re-entry into their native countries is fraught with fear and unknowns. The only shimmer of light lies in those who have a skill that is needed here in the US and may re-enter under work visas for willing employers.


MiTio wishes to provide Dreamers with this re-entry skill. Hospitals in the US are required to provide Medical Interpreters to their patients free of charge yet there is a shortage of Medical Interpreters in the US. MiTio trains bilingual individuals to provide this service nation wide.


You can Give a Dreamer a full Scholarship to MiTio by investing into MiTio, see investment video:


Your minimum investment of $200 gives a $700 scholarship to a Dreamer!


For more information visit  or contact us at

Mitio Inc. Launches $10 Million IPO via Jobs Act Regulation A+ tier II; Offering qualified by the SEC on Nov 13th, 2017


New York City, November 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mitio Inc. Launches $10 Million IPO via Jobs Act Regulation A+ tier II; Offering qualified by the SEC on Nov 13th, 2017.

New York City (November 13th, 2017) – MiTio Corporation., an ever-evolving Ed Tech company specializing in interpreting and translating training online, today announced a Regulation A+ initial public offering that allows any investor the opportunity to invest in the Company’s vision with the aim to raise $10 Million at $2.00 per share for by way of sale of 5 Million shares of its common stock.


The offering is being made by means of Regulation A+ Tier II, and MiTio is the First Edtech company in Medical Interpreting training segment to go public. For subscription and review, you can find the offering document, subscription agreement and other informational materials at Please create an account and access MiTio’s page under list of deals.


Regulation A+ offering for these securities has been filed with, and declared effective by, Securities and Exchange Commission on November 13th, 2017.

For more information, please contact MiTio by email through

About Mitio Inc.

Mitio Inc. is a United States Delaware based company   The Medical Interpreting and Translating Institute Online (MiTio Inc.); is an online certificate/ diploma program designed for bilingual individuals seeking training as interpreters and translators in the medical field. MiTio Inc. is committed to providing highly trained and competent interpreters and translators to the industry. Interpreting and translating language services are required by various regulatory standards: Civil Rights Act of 1964, OCR Guidance of 2000, and Joint Commission CLAS Standards of 2011. Medical Interpreting services are reimbursed by Medicaid in 13 states. The Federal Government alone spends approximately $200 Billion dollars each year on language services. MiTio aims to bring quality content to Interpreter and Translator training by removing the barriers of flexibility, time to absorb the information, low cost, no commuting, quality content, and language neutral delivery.


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MiTio Becomes Accredited by IMIA

MiTio Becomes Accredited by IMIA


Commission of Medical Interpreter Education (CMIE)
33 Bedford Street, Suite 9, Lexington MA 02420-4403, 617-636-1798
Accreditation Approval
September 25, 2017
Dear Dr. Nelva Lee,
On behalf of the IMIA Commission of Medical Interpreter Education (CMIE), we would
like to thank you and The Medical Interpreting and Translating Institute Online for
participating in the accreditation program, and we cordially value your input and
contribution to the process.
After the completion of the site audit, the CMIE met and reviewed site auditor
Jorge Rudko and co-auditor’s Nina Scott’s reports and recommendations, adjustments
made in the training program based on the site auditor’s recommendations, and all
pertaining documents including the training program’s website and published data.
We are pleased to inform you that your program, categorized as a non-academic,
has passed the required accreditation standards.
Congratulations on your accreditation!
We hope that the accreditation process was helpful to your organization in identifying
best practices and areas for improvement in your training program.
Juana Horton              Jorge Rudko
IMIA President           CMIE Chairperson

Delicacies of the Engrish Language


Delicacies of the Engrish Language

Ever want to nibble some Dew Dew and wash it down with a gulp of Pocari Sweat? Wondering what chocolate bar offers “The sentimental taste is cozy for the heroines in the town?”

Find it all and more – in real-life pictures – on .

The site politely informs that “Engrish can be simply defined as the humorous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design.” Talking about the language business, the site also has a store where you can purchase a “Give me a hand, I’m going to milk the cows” T-shirt. Bookmark it for the next holiday season!