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MiTio Foundation is offering a Full Scholarship to our 60 HR Certificate Course to Dreamers for every $500 purchase of MiTio Stock. With a 60 HR Certificate Dreamers can obtain employment in the Medical Interpreting field and/or sit for the Certification Exam to advance their careers.

As a former Dreamer, MiTio CEO Nelva Lee will grant up to 15K scholarships in solidarity. Join the movement today! You can both own MiTio stock -a Thriving EDTech Company – and Give a Scholarship to a Dreamer!


Medical Interpreters help patients and doctors communicate… MiTio brings them all together.

MiTio Foundation enables hospitals and other healthcare organizations to recruit and train Bilingual staff to meet the medical and translating needs of their multicultural community.

The MiTio Foundation partners with hospitals and healthcare organizations by offering grants to Hospitals and Scholarships to Bilingual Students attending  The Medical Interpreting and Translating Institute to train to become Medical Interpreters.


Dr. Nelva Lee

Proven Results

intensiveMiTio Foundation enables hospitals and other healthcare organizations to recruit and train Bilingual staff to meet the medical and translating needs of their multicultural community.

MiTio Foundation grants meet the gap between the government mandates enforced by the Office of Civil Rights and the lack of funding through traditional funding sources such as Medicare and Medicaid.

MiTio Foundation provides grants of $50,000 a year to Healthcare organizations nationwide.

Healthcare organizations that have benefited from our Grants to Train all of their Bilingual Staff include Wellstar Hospital in Atlanta, GA.

Interpretation Program Graduates Aid in Delivery of Culturally-Competent Patient Care

Grant to Hospitals

Attract Hispanic Patients with our Grant

The MITio Foundation in partnership with MiTio Inc. is offering Grants to Hospitals and Interpreting Services organizations. The grant is for Bilingual employees to obtain scholarships to  Medical Interpreter Certificate and Diploma Programs. The training prepares students for the National Certification Exam. With trained interpreters you will attract more Hispanic patients and meet Joint Commission Standards and Civil Rights Laws Compliance.

How to Obtain Grant
 Obtain grant by:
1. Sending an Email today at requesting Licensing Agreement
2. Adding MiTio Logo to your website with a link to website
3. Sending us the names and email addresses of your Bilingual employees to

Does the Fear of a Civil Rights violation keep you up at Night?

It Shouldn’t…

bloodpressureAccording to a study by Health Affairs in 2013, 59% of hospitals in the country do not offer language services based on the Office of Civil Right (OCR) guidelines leaving themselves open for a major Civil Rights lawsuit. OCR guidelines requires that all hospitals and nursing homes post nondiscrimination notices in the top 12 languages of the state in which they reside. In addition, Healthcare facilities that reside in a high concentration of Limited English Proficient (LEP) persons must provide translation of main documents and interpretation (spoken) services free of charge to the patient and their families.

MiTio will get you Legal

The Medical Interpreting and Translating Institute Online (MiTio) has over a decade assisting healthcare facilities such as yours with their language services needs. In addition to providing a full range of document translation training to all of your bilingual personnel, MiTio will also connect you with independent contractors who are trained and certified to provide your interpretation needs.


Excellent Track Record

Mitio has given over a $1 Million in grants to hospitals nationwide.

We now wish to give over $10 Million in Scholarships to Dreamers!

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DACA Dreamer a Scholarship!